About Us

Inspired by modernization, technology, the rich African culture as well as the
ongoing Afrocentric fashion and lifestyle movement, Fáàji a Nigerian word from
the Yoruba culture is often associated with African celebrations that foster the
African heritage.
During African celebrations, themes are often selected based on the type of
celebration; it is believed that without a theme, there is no traditional African
celebration. Consequently, the fabric theme is the most common due to the
accessibility of bespoke tailoring in Africa. The Fáàji brand aims to connect the
diaspora with the African heritage and culture.
By locally sourcing and curating custom-made garments in Africa, Fáàji will
promote, empower, and develop African artisans and their crafts, which is the
essence of the brand. Fáàji’s reason to be is solely to connect the world with
African fashion as well as creating jobs that will enable locals to become
economically independent. The Fáàji brand guarantees you a seamless shopping
experience and production process, to give you the most exquisite and elegant
garments for all occasions.